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 Hurom Slow Juicer Morning Routine

Everybody has a morning routine. It could be as simple as grabbing a bagel and coffee at your favorite bodega, or it could be as elaborate as morning meditation followed by a 6AM spin class.

The simplicity or complexity actually does not matter. Whatever it is, your morning routine is a sacred practice, because it will affect your mood and focus during the day, and most importantly -- your health.

Juicing is an efficient way to consume the daily dose of fruits and vegetables, all in one shot. It’ll only take 15 minutes to prep, juice, and clean, and it certainly takes less than 5 minutes to drink a cup of juice.

If you’re able to incorporate juicing into your morning routine, we’d say just do it. Just try it for 3 days and see how it changes your day and overall wellness. You’ll immediately notice how your morning juice has fortified your health against any unhealthy choices that you may get swept into during the day.

For more information, learn more about what happened when the Well+Good editor tried juicing at home for a week: https://www.hurom.ca/pages/wellandgood

If you’re ready to start juicing, check out our Energy Boost and Immunity Support recipes that are perfect for your morning juice: https://www.hurom.ca/pages/healthy-tasty-juice-recipes

Hurom Slow Juicer Morning Routine

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