Olive Anchovy Spread

March 28, 2017

What You’ll Need

Coarse strainer

Juicer Ingredients

200g black olives (de-seeded)
50g sun-dried tomato
30g roasted pine nuts
20g anchovies
20g capers
10g fresh thyme (leaves only)
2 cloves garlic (roasted)

Other Ingredients

100g extra virgin olive oil
salt & pepper


  1. Prepare “in the juicer” ingredients. Use only thyme leaves (remove from stem).
  2. Insert ingredients from ① into your Hurom juicer and extract.
  3. Combine extracted juice and pulp with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper.
  4. Mix well and serve.

Hurom Tip:

  • Since the anchovy is already salty, extra seasoning with salt and pepper might not be necessary.