Newsweek Calls Hurom a "Smooth Operator."

March 12, 2014

Hurom HH Elite Slow Juicer
"With its mighty double-winged auger the Hurom can also make almond milk (delicious) and you can even mash up soybeans for homemade tofu (you can: I don't have the time or patience). The leftover fibers can be used in muffins (not bad), and I'm pleased the Hurom people have a recipe to turn your juicer into a cocktail-making machine (watermelon and vodka, anyone?)."

Check out how Newsweek’s review on Hurom’s HH Elite Slow Juicer.  From making tropical juice for children to leafy green juice for adults, the HH Elite Slow Juicer rises to the occasion and earned the name “Smooth Operator. ” See the full, in depth review here. See the full, in-depth article here