Bloomberg Pursuits Reviews Hurom H-AA

January 26, 2017

Hurom H-AA Rose Gold was featured on Bloomberg Pursuits in an article titled, “Which Fancy Cold-Press Juicer Is for You?” Four models of juicers were tested by making three juices, modeled after popular juice-bar blends, and each model received a review in five categories, including Aesthetics, Getting Started, Performance, Juice Results and The Takeaway.

H-AA Rose Gold received a positive review overall, and the reviewer ultimately described “The Takeaway” as:

“We were impressed by the style, power, and versatility of the Hurom, which packs a serious punch in its cool-as-a-cucumber casing.” 

The review highlighted key product features, including the easy-to-clean capabilities, quiet motor and the variety of accessories that come with the machine (fine and coarse strainers, ice maker strainer, tofu press and drying rack). It further noted that during the juicing process “We got an impressive 25 ounces of smooth, mild green juice with a pleasant pulp and minimal foam (a Blueprint bottle with the same ingredients is only 16 ounces and tasted acrid and bitter compared with the fresh stuff).”

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